Mutual of Omaha is right at home at new Coral Gables District Office

Mutual of Omaha is right at home at new Coral Gables District Office
Mutual of Omaha is right at home at new Coral Gables District Office
Mutual of Omaha VIPs and guests are pictured at the ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating the opening of the new Southern Florida-Caribbean District Office in Coral Gables.

Since celebrating the grand opening of Mutual of Omaha’s Southern Florida-Caribbean District Office, the firm is busy doing what it does best — helping clients with retirement planning and wealth distribution, and how to do it the right way.

At the helm of this busy office is Jaime Estrada, Mutual of Omaha’s managing director.

From his modern and welcoming offices at the “2600 Douglas” building overlooking Coral Gables, he explains that while the company has had a small local presence here over the years, they now are stepping up their game — in a big way.

“We want everyone to know Mutual of Omaha Advisors are in town,” Estrada said. “We want to get the word out that we are here to help people continue their planning process, and that we are one of the big guys — a class-A company — but with a family feeling.

“We have always distinguished ourselves in that way,” he added.

The company historically has maintained training and sales offices in the Miami area, but now that Mutual of Omaha is firmly establish in the planning, investment, and protection business, they are taking a totally different approach here.

In fact, we have been preparing for a long time to do the right thing for our clients here by taking the operation to a much higher level,” he said.

The lynchpin in the new plan was to consolidate into one single district office all of Mutual of Omaha’s operations from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, through the entire lower half of the state of Florida.

In recognition of this new strategy and the opening of the new Southern Florida-Caribbean District Office earlier this summer, Estrada and his team invited such notables as Mutual of Omaha chair and CEO James Blackledge and other top executives from the corporate headquarters in Omaha, NE, to celebrate.

Also helping to snip the grand-opening ribbon, representing the City of Coral Gables on behalf of the Mayor Office, was Belkys Perez, assistant director of Economic Development, and Kim Bentkover, vice president of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce.

In his remarks, Estrada shared his enthusiasm about being new to the Coral Gables business community. He said this is a perfect location for the firm to set the stage for continued growth and expansion in this key market.

“But more importantly, we believe we can do so much to impact the community — because our primary objective is to make sure this community continues to prepare for retirement, protect their finances, and plans for distribution of their assets at retirement,” he said.

And for businesses, to guide their business continuation plans — strategies that will allow these clients to pass on the legacy of their work.

“We want our clientele to know that they need holistic planning to ensure they are best positioned all around for their retirement and business needs,” he added.

With Mutual of Omaha since 1997, Estrada was hand-picked to establish and lead the new Coral Gables regional headquarters from of his hometown office in Puerto Rico — after building that operation into the top-performing office for the entire company, selling the primary products of Mutual of Omaha.

“Number one, we are here to make sure we service our clients the way they want, by putting them in driver’s seat, and giving them enough direction to ensure they get where they want to go – avoiding any red flags along the way.”

Mutual of Omaha Advisors, a division of Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, is located at 2600 Douglas Rd., Suite 1109, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For information, call 786-655-0163 or visit

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