What’s Your Hurricane Plan? Are You Prepared This Year?

Hurricane Michael approaches Florida’s Panhandle. Photo Courtesy: NOAA
Joseph Corradino, Mayor of Pinecrest

A plan – it is the single most important thing to have in place before a hurricane hits. Waiting until there is a hurricane warning or watch will increase the chances of not being prepared, of waiting in long lines, of paying higher prices for materials and/or equipment due to high demand and low inventory. Or it would result in just going without the adequate supply and protection.  All are unnecessary scenarios.

When it comes to hurricanes in South Florida, the relevant question is not “if”, it is “when”. So, the best bet is to be prepared as early as possible. To avoid unnecessary stress, make sure everyone in your family – including pets – has water, non-perishable food and medication for at least two weeks. Flashlights, batteries, a battery powered radio, and a first aid kit are essential must haves. Once you have every family member’s needs fulfilled, think about your home.

Your home is where you will likely spend time during and after a hurricane. Make sure it is storm ready. Think about the benefits of purchasing a generator and having the appropriate type of plug installed as part of your electrical service, especially if you are on well and depend on electricity to a pump in order to have water. As solar power is becoming more popular and affordable, consider the technology as an option to mitigate power outages during a storm. Solar United Neighbors of Florida is a local solar cooperative that assists homeowners who are interested in solar panels by providing educational information and offering affordable pricing.

Trees should be pruned regularly to reduce debris and property damage during a storm. Always hire a licensed arborist and never trim trees around power lines. FPL is responsible for any work around power lines. Please contact the Public Works Department at 305.669.6916 or publicworks@pinecrest-fl.gov with tree-related questions or if you need assistance reaching FPL to trim a tree.

As always, I am always open to questions and suggestions. Please feel free to call me at 305-606-2364 or email me at jcorradino@pinecrest-fl.gov. In the interim, be safe and most of all be prepared!

Joseph M Corradino


Village of Pinecrest

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