Julio Robaina is Coming Home

By Michael Miller….

Parade of Elves Float from 2010

Former State Representative Julio Robaina has officially announced his mayoral seat candidacy for the February election: “I have experienced a tremendous outpouring of people calling me over the years to come back to local government and rightly so since this is where it all began. Now that I am semi-retired I want to come home and continue working in hands on local government with the city that is nearest and dearest to my heart.”

Calling all Cute Little Elves
Although the Parade of Elves and organizer Barbara Acker have been synonymous for over two decades, the event is managing to proceed without her invaluable guidance this year thanks in part to the rallying of community leaders and Red Sunset Merchant Association members. John Edward Smith who is on the parade committee and has been involved in the event since its inception, said “If the community and merchant association did not step up to fill those huge shoes I do not see how the city could have staged this monumental effort alone.” Decked out elves from babies to sixth grade are encouraged to participate and march in the parade with the Lead Elf. To enter a holiday float, marching unit or band contact Martha at Footworks at 305-666-7223. For general information call Maria Stout Tate at 305-668-7231.

The Cart before the Horse
I could not believe what I was hearing the other day while watching the Mayor Plus 4 Reality Show I mean local government programming of the last city commission meeting. This commission wants to extend the contracts of the city attorney and the city manager right on the eve of an election. Golly Jee elected officials. With three commission seats being contested in February and the real possibility of some of the present people being put out to pasture, why would this commission want to burden the next commission with two long term employment contracts? Several speakers got up to offer their two cents worth extolling the virtues of said gents. Whether or not they are great or super or average, any extension of their current two year plus balance of contract should be left up to the new commission to decide.

All in the Family
I hear that Sally Phillips, a neighbor of Mayor Phillip Stoddard is running for city commission. I’ve been told that she is also a professor at FIU and son of a gun so is the mayor….hmmn. Mayor Stoddard and Commissioners Valerie Newman and Walter Harris all live right around the corner from each other and Brian Beasley isn’t too far away either, right on the other side of Sunset. And should Sally get in why then it will be just one happy block party with these folks, all hangin’ together in the ‘hood. They could just take a stroll over to each other’s place, kick up their feet, have a Mojito and talk politics in the shade. Now that is living large. It seems to be a bit like gerrymandering the local election. Here’s a wild notion…how about getting representation from around the community? You know like the Dante Fascell neighborhood, the African American community and also from the north end of town where many Hispanics reside. I know it might sound unusual to some, but diversity like that on the board could be a good thing. I’m just sayin.’

Welcome Venue Btq
There is a new boutique in town that just celebrated its one month anniversary. Mom and daughter team Vivian and Caterina Marazzi combined their extensive retail and commercial real estate experience to join forces and open Venue Btq. The family business is very happy to be a part of the South Miami community. “We looked at the Grove and at the Gables but we really liked the environment here, it felt homier and everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.” said Caterina. The Marazzi’s hand pick their own merchandise from trade shows and unique spots to offer just a few pieces of each inventory. “Nothing in our stock is something we would not wear ourselves and we do not buy in bulk so there is little chance there will be lots of other shoppers wearing the same merchandise.” Venue Btq’s official grand opening is November 4 from 7 to 9pm. Horsd’oeuvres will be offered and gift with purchase as well at 7227 SW 57 Court. Call 305-661-5155 for more information.

Seen in SoMi
Had breakfast over at Hang Out Central the other day (Casa Lario’s) and ran into former vice-mayor Armando Oliveros Jr, Javier Hernandez-Lichtl, the top guy at West Kendall Baptist Hospital, former mayor Horace Feliu, running commissioner Josh Liebman, and local dentist Jorge Blanco (not all at the same table). And let’s see who else was roaming the city streets…civic activist Sharon McCain was right there in mid-street next to the parking garage. It seems she has recovered from her latest city commission meeting eviction.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always”
-Mahatma Gandhi

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