We Must Always Remember the Sacrifice


This month we will also pay tribute to veterans on Memorial Day. We honor those soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who died for our country. We honor those who fought for us. Peace has meaning the protected will never know. Each soldier who falls is a great tragedy. Though each death is a tragedy we honor and thank each who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

They gave us our freedom and it behooves each of us to be our best self out of respect for what they gave us.

How is it possible for the City of West Park to honor such men, both the deceased and living?

Perhaps we cannot do any better than to call you the Greatest Generation of the greatest country in the world. Perhaps we should make certain that your stories are told to the young. Perhaps we should try to imitate both your purposes and lives, in both peace and war. Perhaps we should just sincerely thank you for making sure that this island of liberty would continue. Perhaps we should just say this, along with Abraham Lincoln: “Gold is good in its place; but living, brave, patriotic men, are better than gold.” Perhaps, we could support the VFW Post #8195 more and the wonderful works they are doing for veterans that do make it home.

In conclusion, to the City of West Park’s honored deceased, we hold you in our highest esteem! You are our heroes! We salute you! We honor you! We live our lives in freedom, because of what you gave us! There will never be a time that we do not give you our solemn honor!

On this and every Memorial Day, we the residents of West Park must never forget the meaning of Memorial Day and remember those proud patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of liberty’s blessings! We are in your debt and we thank you!

May God always bestow His blessings upon you!

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